A Software and Machine Learning Engineer

I'm Vinicius Mesel, and I am currently working as a Integration Engineer at Hotglue (a YC accelerated company).

Previously I've sold a startup (Pluo - I'll mention it below) and worked on data science, data analysis, and reporting services for investment analysis at Bancos J Safra and MaisRetorno.

During my undergraduate degree, I was a researcher and bioinformatician working on bioinformatic approaches to schistosomiasis and cancer epigenetics in Instituto Butantan's Professor Sergio Verjovski's lab.

My interests range from open-source software programming to music and cooking.

I'm very passionate about AI and how to improve user interfaces using them, so I started working with @avelinorun on talkd.ai

A while ago I was also passionate about Python, and as a way to help people find Python jobs, I've built PyJobs, which was acquired and turned into Pluo.